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Kurdish women

New Kurdish Women


Owing to the economic, political and social transformations, Kurdish
women have made great progress. Today, the Kurdish women is
a member of parliament, a minister, a teacher, an engineer,
a lawyer, a worker. etc.

Women and Sacrifice

A review of the history of our nation reveals the fact that Kurdish
women have offered many sacrifices in the cause of the Kurdish issue.
Women like Khanzad and Habsakhan have played effective roles in
the Kurdish struggle.
In the struggle against the fascist Baghdad regime, the Kurdish
women as mother, sister, daughter, Wife, fiancée, etc. has offered
considerable sacrifices, Layla Qassim, who was hanged by Iraqi
regime, symbolizes Kurdish steadfastness and forbearance.
Tens of Kurdish women carried arms and faced martyrdom in
the glorious Uprising 0f 1991.